The Value of Materials and Fabrics in Design

Kings of Chelsea

21st January 2019

One of the most remarkable and constantly commented upon aspects of the Roberto Cavalli furniture ranges are the myriad materials used in manufacturing. As a fashion brand, Cavalli is in an unparalleled position to design and produce their own fabrics. Roberto Cavalli began as a print designer for Valentino & Dior and this is the core of the DNA of the collection. Ask someone to describe the Cavalli style and they are most likely to speak about animal or floral prints but with strong and unexpected colours or forms. Roberto Cavalli is no longer with the company, but his legacy lives on in the creative and unexpected way that his core philosophy is reinterpreted. Initially these prints would be confined to silks, cottons and leather upholstery, but in recent years this has also been seen on exotic hides and furs. Cavalli is also using some extraordinary and rare materials including arapaima fish leather, ostrich and gnu. Where some other designers would be content to create faux versions of these, Cavalli takes the plunge!

Kings of Chelsea
Roberto Cavalli Black Agate Cooper Table

Another recent addition to the range is the beautiful semi-precious agates used on some tables. Traditionally this is an accent material, but Cavalli uses it as a full table top – each one is unique in tone and pattern. Like the very best art, these exquisite objects are best seen “in the flesh” and can be viewed at the showroom at 387 Kings Road.