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The Timeless Style of Art Deco

8th November 2018


Originating from the name of the 1925 Paris “Exhibition des Art Decoratifs”, Art Deco is one of the most recognizable and loved styles that never seems to be out of fashion. The natural successor to the sinuous and natural forms of the Art Nouveau movement Art Deco is best and most simply summarized by a core aesthetic of symmetry, geometric forms and progressive approach to materials. In its earliest incarnation at the Exposition, it also utilized fine craftsmanship and rare woods and inlays. Where Art Nouveau was often all about surface decoration, Art Deco was frequently also about structure and form, though without sacrifice of detail. The early and finest proponents of the style were certainly the French, with the names of Ruhlmann, Dunand and Rateau at the top of the pile. 

Very consciously a product for the wealthy tastemakers, Art Deco furniture and objects were frequently commissions and one off pieces. The democratization of the style reduced the quality as it rolled out across Europe, and the Art Deco of 1930’s Britain, for instance, bears no relation to the early exquisite work of the finest French designers and craftsmen. Many pieces in the Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors collection pay tribute to this evergreen style, utilizing materials in the spirit of the era such as snakeskin, shagreen style leather and gold plate. Classic shapes like the Manhattan chair and Hide Park cabinet in Macassar ebony are the natural inheritors of the Art Deco movement, reinvented for a new generation


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