Meet Our Creative Director – Theo Mance

29th August 2019

Kings of Chelsea’s long time Creative Director has over 25 years experience in the furniture and luxury interior industries. Before joining KOFC Theo worked in some of Londons top luxury interior departments including Liberty and Harrods, as well as developing his own antiques business. We asked him some quick fire questions to give you a further insight into the world of Kings of Chelsea!

In all your years of experience in antiques and interiors, what is the most important thing you have learned?

In both Antiques & Interior design, the same principle holds true, quality is everything. If you invest in the best of anything, whether it is manufacture or design, you will be rewarded every time. The devil is in the detail.

What do you think makes Kings of Chelsea such a special interior design company?

Kings of Chelsea are very fortunate in that we have access to some of the very best manufacturers and craftsmen in the UK and abroad who have many combined years of experience. Added to the expertise of the in house team who are used to delivery of the finest customer service and expectations it means we are able to offer a fully bespoke and personalised process.

Who is the biggest inspiration to you in the design world?

I have many inspirations from across the eras but for pure inventive genius it must be Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He was at least thirty years ahead of his time and without him there would probably have been no Vienna Secession or possibly the Modern Movement. He visualised an entire aesthetic separate from all previous history.

What is your favourite era for interior design and why?

For me, Paris in the 1920s was the high point of Interior Design. Fine art, Decorative Art and even Tribal Art were all used in some of the most striking and imaginative schemes ever seen. Jacques Doucet for instance took disparate objects from completely different periods and against a minimalist background created striking settings. Much of modern taste is still reflective of this time.

What makes something luxury?

Luxury is more of a feeling than a visual sign, it is how something or how an environment affects you. A well crafted chocolate or a Louis XIV commode are both luxury, they are the representation of a master at work. It is therefore not even about cost, but you can tell when you are in the presence of something of great quality.

What is your favourite piece in the new Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors collection?

The new collections are bold and individual, and for that reason I gravitate towards the highly unusual, the pieces that you cannot see elsewhere. A great example of this is the Vanuatu side table. To integrate this piece requires a strong and unique style, which most of our customers exhibit. It is also beautifully made, requiring great skill in the casting and hand finishing. A true luxury item, small but exquisite. 

What kind of projects are you working on at the moment?

We are lucky at KOFC to have customers with great vision, and though we are not able to discuss individual projects, it is fair to say that our current clients are very open to creative suggestions, and are looking for the more unusual and bespoke designs. No two projects are alike so we are allowed to be creative with fabrics, materials and schemes. Personally, my great pleasure comes when we can mix modern with vintage like the best interiors of the past.