Identifying Interior Trends for 2019

26th February 2019

At Kings of Chelsea we are proud to represent several high end Italian brands which are currently not just at the cutting edge of current design trends but are responsible for setting them. Just like haute couture fashion, the ideas and concepts in the home interiors division filter down into the high street and are seen sometimes just a few months after they are launched at Milan each April.


Key trends for 2019


Maximalism – like an endless cycle, minimalism v maximalism is the eternal discussion – currently there is a rebellion against the sea of beige camel and taupe, as well as the very unadorned interiors that are typical of estate agent’s brochures in order to please the greatest number of people. Maximalism says “I have a personality of my own and I’m not afraid to show it”! Case in point is Martin Brudnizki’s amazing and well-received overhaul at Annabel’s. Distinguished Milanese brand Etro has this style down to an art form – and we are now able to offer their amazing range within the UK.

The 1970’s – often seen as the decade that taste forgot, the biomophic shapes and acid tones of the 1970’s palette are now being revisited in contemporary style, with the addition of high quality and luxury materials. Where 70’s style was often disposable it is now reinterpreted with great care and attention to detail. A great example are the Guam chairs, with striking green velvet and a curvy profile

Animal Prints – just like minimalism/maximalism, animal print drifts in and out of high fashion but never really goes away. Roberto Cavalli is THE designer who has creatively harnessed the myriad possibilities of this pattern, fracturing and reinventing the genre until it is almost unrecognizable. In the collections for home it even becomes structural, such as in the base of the amazing B52 dining table

Biophilic Design – bringing the outside in, and appreciating the value to the mind and body of plants in the interior is the core of this trend. Urban living especially can be a cold and rather soulless existence, and introducing plants and vegetation can revive and refresh. Cavalli’s jungle themes for 2018/19 may not bring the Amazon to your interior, but the prints and shapes certainly capture this concept, seen here in the Key West armchair with silk Penelope upholstery.