Fashion Furniture – An Introduction to the World of Roberto Cavalli Home

15th January 2019

Traditionally, designers of shirts, dresses and clothing are not the same as designers of chairs, tables and wardrobes and vice versa. Many fashion brands put their names to ranges of furniture under license but the actual designing is conducted far away from the atelier where the prints, fabrics and conceptions of the fashion house are born. Roberto Cavalli turns this idea on its head and puts all of these creative personalities in the same room together. The fashion creative director and the homewares creative director will work side by side with the fashion side of the business taking the lead, influencing the tones, shapes and textures of the products. The Cavalli catwalk collections will preview in advance of the homewares, and sometimes only a season or so later the furniture, linens and ceramics will follow. On occasion the homewares ranges will mirror immediately the new season designs.

Great skill and vision is required to translate the two dimensional form of fluid fashion shapes into three dimensional form, and the Cavalli collections are undoubtedly growing in confidence and creativity as the brand evolves.

With such a huge market paying attention to the smallest details in the fashion world, Cavalli is perhaps unique in applying the same level of precision to its home division.