Celebrity Interior Design

11th February 2019

One of the current trends within the Interior Design Industry is the rise of the celebrity designer, sometimes more well known than the client they are working for. Recent issues of Architectural Digest in the US and the glossy magazines in the UK focus on the flamboyant choices of well known celebrities with schemes that are attention grabbing and visually arresting. The home is now an important extension of the lifestyle, so its important that the status and prestige of the client is presented as clearly as their choice of car, watch, bag or shoes. Important in the choice of furnishings are the discernible “brands” including artists, furniture designers and products that symbolise a particular level of social achievement. The big hitters in painting like Picasso, Basquiat, Hirst and Bacon will be the basis of a scheme, and become the centrepiece. In the world of Design, Prouve, Royere, Noguchi and Perriand are treated similarly as “trophy” pieces to become the magnets for the rest of the design. To complement, many of the fashion brands that have moved into homeware will also be seen in these schemes, Cavalli, Fendi and Gucci currently the pick of the crop.

Most noticeably there is a tendency towards creating fully bespoke spaces that are unique to the individuals that commission them and express through atmosphere and aesthetics the lifestyle and personality of the patron. The best schemes are those which follow the best principle of Interior Design, in which the client and designer collaborate in the process and the result is a refreshing fusion of different visions.